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Allow your customers to order and pay as fast as possible at a state-of-the-art kiosk in your business. Connect24-7 develops a tailor-made interface in the form of a stylish kiosk for your business including installation inside or outside of your business. The kiosk is designed specifically as a kiosk or a wall-mounted professional PC or tablet - 10 to 21 inches - in case you would like to offer a seamless integration with your interior.

The customer places an order which is printed directly in kitchen or another facility. A confirmation ticket can be printed which the customer uses to identify when the order is ready.

Integrated ticket printer

Connect24-7 includes an integrated ticket printer which prints the customer’s order. Of course the system is connected with the POS system and possible kitchen printers or kitchen screen.

Payment terminal

A matching payment terminal is installed optionally next to the kiosk allowing the customer to pay directly with debit or credit card while placing an order.

payment terminals stand payment terminal
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